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Instacast 4.6 and Instacast Cloud

Over the last couple of months we rethought our product strategy for Instacast. Instacast has previously been constructed around a traditional app strategy: provide a rich client with a thin web layer that supports it. But that strategy has limitations. Once all available space in the client’s UI is filled up with buttons and other controls, there isn’t much room left for new features.

Reengineering Instacast's syncing architecture earlier this year marked the beginning of Instacast’s continued growth and development. We believe that the way to make Instacast easier and more intuitive is to move a lot of its complexity into the cloud, and with that add lots of additional functionality and value that just can’t fit into an iOS app at present. The first step in this process was to create an account infrastructure and syncing platform, which allowed us to gain further experience in running a complex web service. Moving forward, the second step will be to start a website from which users can administer accounts. The third step will be to add additional value.

Today, we’d like to detail steps two and three: with the latest version of Instacast on iOS and OS X, you can access your Instacast Cloud account at From here, you can change your account details, such as email address and password, and quickly check your syncing status. On top of that, by bringing Flattr back to Instacast for iOS, you can now support podcasters again. Connect your Instacast Cloud account with your Flattr account to enable automatic flattring of podcast episodes. You can choose to flattr once you finish playing an episode, once you mark an episode as favorite or once you mark an episode as played. As soon as one of these predefined events happen, Instacast communicates with Instacast Cloud and will flattr the episode automatically.

We see this announcement as the beginning of a new future for Instacast, and we hope you're on board with us. Thank you for your continued support.

June 6th, 2014 • Permalink

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