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Updates on Instacast 5

I want to take a few minutes and update you on the status of Instacast 5. You may have already seen some screenshots over on our Twitter account. We are working really hard on it. While our original plan was to be ready for iOS 8 on Sept 17, I am afraid we won't make it in time. This year is a special year for us. Working on indie software for the better part of a decade now, we haven't been struggling this hard before to make enough money to sustain our business. Instead of just giving up and doing something else, we decided to change the business model of our main product Instacast.

Originally Instacast has been a paid app in and outside the App Store. This business model is just not working anymore. The main reason might be the lack of demo versions that show potential customers what they're getting before opening up their wallets. To get a around that problem we'll be making Instacast a free download with optional In-App Purchases for new features. Since In-App Purchases can be annoying and we also introduced the concept of Instacast Memberships a while back, every member will get everything that Instacast has and will have to offer for free, meaning free updates and automatic unlocking of optional In-App Purchases as long as the membership is running. If memberships are deactivated, already unlocked items won't be taken away again. The membership will include free access to all our Instacast apps (iOS and Mac) and potential future companion products.

This change of the basic business model is a lot of work for us and we want to do it the right way right from the start. That's why we're taking a little more time for the update. We already made sure that Instacast 4 is working great on iOS 8 as it is right now and it's a free download in the App Store.

September 16th, 2014 • Permalink

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